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Reclaiming your love life, and getting your financial house in order doesn’t have to be painful.

Rich Life, Wealthy Life provides strategies for “stress free” wealth development and delves into the leading cause of disharmony and divorce.  Here you will find solutions to emotional distress and a pathway toward empowering, harmonious relations.

  • Are you uncertain about your financial future?
  • Are you afraid you will run out of money?
  • Are your finances causing you pain or anxiety?
  • Is money causing stress in your life?
  • Is money causing your relationship stress?
  • Do you need a money makeover?
  • Are you empowered in your finances?
  • What is your financial blueprint?


Empowered Life – You Can Do It!


  • How to develop your financial muscles.
  • Maximize your investment dollar without increasing risk.
  • Reduce risk and increase your return on investment.
  • Eliminate excess expenses; commissions, fees and taxes.
  • Implement a bear market (market crash) strategy
  • Find financial freedom (even in retirement).
  • Relax and live life more abundantly—money and happiness.


Rich Life, Wealthy Life lays the foundation that guides people to empowered living and fruitful investing. Dave shares the principles and the steps that will help anyone attain their financial health, as well as providing a recipe for an empowered life. I heartily recommend this book!”

~ Charlotte Canion

“I really like the flow and descriptions of what is important here. It feels like it is a bit less geeky. Dave does a good job of summarizing the investing strategies in easy-to-understand language. Getting to this point is a big deal… I have seen others stall and never finish. Well done!”

Scott Juds

You are helping him to be victorious in his adult life, not only financially, but spiritually.  Kaleb is focused on achieving goals in all areas of his life and I am confident that Rich Life, Wealthy Life will be a phenomenal guide for him in his process.

You continue to exude a lifestyle that pours out God’s blessings on others, and we are thankful for your friendship.


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